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Librelle® - Power of Composite Nylon Spunbond

The advantages of composite nylon spunbond:

1. First and only commercially availabe composite / bi-component nylon spunbond.
2. Librelle® demonstrate exceptional strength even in comparison to Nylon 6,6, one of the toughest and most durable man-made polymers (see figure below).
3. Exception bi-
directional tensile strength performance.
4. Great tensile strength at low fabric weight.
5. Unparalled and superb abrasion resistance performance (see figure below).
6. Does not required any binder, adhesive or co-polymer.
7. Lighter weight with greater performance --> Source reduction / waste minimization / cost reduction.
8. Exceptional soft and hand feel.
9. Flame retardant without additional processing (meets FMVSS NO.302 requirement for auto application & CNS 7614 A3125-1994 Grade 1 anti-flaming)