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Core Technology

With the state-of-the art production systems, Always Champion manufactures high quality products using a variety of nonwoven manufacturing processes. Always Champion continues to focus on innovation and strives to become a world class leader in non-woven textile business. Listed below are our core technical competencies: 

1. Multi-Component Fiber Technology:

Always Champion produces high quality composite or mono component fibers via our innovative staple and continuous fiber manufacturing processes. We have developed systems capable of processing various raw material inputs made of PET, PP, PA, and PE in a composite fashion. Our composite non-woven fabric offers excellent quality, strength, and unique characteristics that meet the needs of our clients. 

2. Staple Non-Woven Manufacturing Process:

Always Champion has been a leader in staple non-woven fabric manufacturing for over 30 years. We developed our end-to-end process in-house starting from fiber extrusion process to thermal bonding and post-process such as dyeing and finishing. Our composite staple fiber products offer excellent uniformity and quality.


3. Spunbond Nonwoven Manufacturing Process:

Our innovatively designed spunbond systems use our proprietary method to extrude fine continuous fibers formed in a composite fashion. Our spunbond systems produce uniform web of high quality fibers that can be thermally bonded or needled punched. The high quality fabric produced via these systems can be light, soft, waterproof, breathable and with exceptional strength. 


4. Top Dyeing Process:

The traditional dying process consumes a lot of chemicals, water, and energy. We are capable of manufacturing non-woven fabric using top dyeing process which is much more environmental friendly and at same time improves color fastness and anti-UV properties. 


5. Air-Throughed Nonwoven: (in development)

Continuous fibers are bonded via high temperature air penetrating through entangled fibers.


6. Needle-Punch Nonwoven: (in development)

Continuous fibers are bonded via high temperature air penetrating through entangled fibers. Continuous fibers are mechanically bonded through fiber entanglement via repeating penetration of fine needle barbs. 

7. Post-Processing:
Always Champion also provide post processing services such as chemical bonding, color dying, anti-static, and water repellent treatment.