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Footwear - Librelle® Nylon Spunbond

​Librelle® is our proprietary Nylon Spunbond Nonwoven Fabric that offers the best abrasion resistance while providing superior strength, drapability and excellent hand feeling. 

At Always Champion Ltd, we develop high performance sustainable footwear solutions for shoe lining, inserts, soles, and shoe backing. Over past 30 years, we continue to improve the quality and functions of our products. We offer a wide range of products such as staple nonwovens, spunbond nonwovens, air-throughed and needle-punch nonwovens. Our expertise in multi-component extrusion process enables us to manufacture products with exceptional strength and quality.
  • See Power of ​Librelle® Nylon 6 Composite / Bi-component Spunbond.

    Product Descriptions:
    ​Librelle® is our nylon spunbond nonwoven fabric that offers exceptional abrasion resistance as well as web and bi-directional strength uniformity. Our nylon spunbond products exhibits abrasion resistance that is significantly greater than that of all if not most spunbond products. For example, our 100gsm fabric easily exceeds 25,600 revs using the wet martindale test method. 

    Always Champion Nylon Spunbond Nonwoven Fabric is manufactured by our propietary composite / bio-component fiber and spunbond technology - a culmination of years of technology development - which produce nonwoven products that are significantly lighter but offer exceptional physical and mechanical properties that make them ideal candidates for shoe lining and reinforcement applications. Our Nylon Spunbond products drastically reduce costs for our clients while upholds or exceeds the quality of traditional high-end staple-heat fused nonwoven. Their improved physical and mechanical charateristics allow them to be used creatively in the design of your next shoe - a lighter pair of shoe with better performance.

    At same time, we keep sustainability at the core of our company's culture & innovation, and we demonstrated such value by 1) creating a process that enables significant reduction in raw material consumptions and (2) at the same time reduces the energy consumptions and carbon footprints. ​

    Product Specifications:
    Product Name Nylon Spunbond
    Process Spunbond Nonwoven
    Weight 80, 100, 120gsm & Others (Contact Us)
    Material Type 100% Nylon
    Width 60 inches
    Colors White, Black, Others (Contact Us)
    Emboss + , T , Others (Contact Us)
    Added Function(s) Anti-microbial, Water Repllent, Anti-Oxidant (prevent yellowing)

    Cost and Eco Benefits:

    Process Information: